How to Pray Scripture Over My Child — 5 Simple Steps

Learning how to pray Scripture over my child has always been on my heart as something I’m called to do as Christian mom.

There is so much unknown in this life and when you contemplate that God is ultimately in control, it compels me to ask for God’s guidance over our children’s lives. 

So, personally, I not only PRAY Scriptures, but I JOURNAL the actual prayers in a personalized Bible. I have one Bible for each child so that the prayer is recorded both for me and for them to reflect on some time in the future. My plan is to give each child their Bible full of my prayers when they head off to college. So that they KNOW that their mother prayed for them very specifically over particular Scriptures. What a gift that will be! Of course, if you have grandkids, this would also be a sweet thing to do for them.

Now that my own father has passed away, I treasure any hand-written thing that I have of his. There is something about someone’s handwriting that connects you to the whole essence of that person. With that in mind, I wanted to work on something for each of my children that sometime in the future, when I’m gone, they will treasure. And to make it even more valuable to them, it will be actual prayers that I prayed over them, directly from Scripture. 

Praying Scripture over your children and journalling the prayers is not as daunting as it may sound. Follow these simple steps to create a prayer legacy for your children or grandchildren and to invite God into the day-to-day.

STEP 1 – Choose WHERE you want to journal the prayers. 

Option A — Note-taking Bible 

This is the option I have chosen to house all my written prayers for my children. I use the NoteWorthy Bible by Zondervan which gives me AN ENTIRE blank page for each page of Scripture (see picture above). I don’t think this Bible is in publication anymore, so I’ve given you some other note-taking Bible ideas below.

When I choose a Scripture to pray for my children (see Step 2), I find the Scripture in the Bible, I underline it, and on the corresponding blank page I write the prayer along with today’s date.

There are several choices on Note-taking Bibles available. Here are a few examples:

This version, has wide margins with lines for you to write the prayers right next to the Scriptures you are referencing.  

How to Pray Scripture Over My Child -- Journal Option

This next option is closest to the one I’m using… with one FULL blank page (no lines) next to EACH page of Scripture. This version gives you the MOST flexibility and the most space to write.

How to Pray Scripture Over My Child -- Journal Option

The final Bible I will recommend is more artistic! This Bible has some really pretty illustrations throughout, but also has lined margins where you can write your prayers.

Option B — Mother’s Prayer Companion

My good friend Jenny Klement has created a resource for mom’s to pray for their children. It is a beautiful binder with pre-written prayers on each page that encourage you to pray the inspired words of Scripture over your children. These Scripture-based prayers also empower you to praise and thank God for the uniqueness of each child and offer every aspect of their lives to God. 

Option C — Journal

You can also keep your prayers written in a beautiful keepsake journal for your kids. The reason I chose a note-taking Bible over this option is that I wanted my children to be able to USE the Bible and run across the prayers as they were using it. I was afraid that a journal might be stashed on a shelf and only looked at from time to time.

But this is still a great choice, and in many ways the easiest choice, because most of us have great journals already in our closets. I personally would choose a fresh new journal if you intend for this to also be a keepsake for your children someday.

A journal like this would would be perfect:

STEP 2 – Find the Scriptures you want to pray for your children

Option A — Online Resources

This is the most obvious and easiest option… all you have to do is to Google “Scriptures to pray for my children” or some variation of that phrase, and you will have lists upon lists of appropriate Scriptures to pray. 

My favorite list is the 31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Kids by Bob Hostetler

You could pray for one of these virtues every day for one month for your children. Super straightforward and easy to get started quickly.

Option B — Printed Resources

My favorite book on this topic is called: Praying the Scriptures for Your Children by Jodie Berndt. This book lists ALL KINDS of Scriptures to pray and it breaks it up into 5 topics — Praying for your child’s 1) Faith, 2) Character, 3) Safety, 4) Relationships, and 5) Future. Each of these sections and sub-sections are super easy to navigate to find theme-based Scriptures.

How to Pray Scripture Over My Child -- Resource Option

Option C — Revealed Through the Holy Spirit in Your Own Personal Bible Study.

Sometimes when I’m in God’s Word studying, I come across a particular Scripture that resonates in my heart that I want to pray for one of my kids. I know the Holy Spirit is guiding me, and with that divine prompting I will journal a prayer for my kids right then and there. 

STEP 3 – Get Over Yourself

This step may sound a bit strange, but I feel it is so important. Personally, I can get paralyzed by the idea that I am creating something that is supposed to be treasured and used by my children in years to come. The weight of wanting it to be JUST RIGHT was putting undue pressure on myself and it was keeping me from doing it at all!

I really had to get over it. 

What you write doesn’t have to be PERFECTLY written, or PERFECTLY beautiful, or PERFECTLY anything! Just write in your own style, with your own words and without ANY concern about being perfect. God is honored regardless of our perfection and your children will treasure it regardless — mistakes and all.

Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.

STEP 4 – Start to Journal Your Prayers

So, once you have a Scripture you want to pray, just basically turn the Scripture into a sentence that has your child’s name in it. Make it personal. Be creative, and use the Scripture as a guide. Don’t forget to document your prayer with today’s date. Over time, it is really neat to see what I’ve prayed over the years and to remember how old my children were when I was praying that particular prayer. 

Here’s an example of a Scripture I chose, and the corresponding prayer:

The Scripture — 1 Thessalonians 3: 12-13:

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you. May he strengthen your hearts so that you will be blameless and holy in the presence of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus comes with all his holy ones. 

My Prayer written next to this Scripture:

[date] Lord, thank you for my sweet Lola. I pray that you would make her love increase and overflow for each other, especially for her brother Luke. I pray that she would recognize how Your love overflows on her and that it would motivate and enoucrage her to love and serve others. Lord, strengthen Lola’s heart so that she will be blameless and holy in your presence. Amen.

Need more examples? 

Download our “How to Pray Scripture Over My Child” worksheet that gives several more examples to show you just how easy it is!

STEP 5 – Repeat Step 4!

That’s about it! It’s not rocket science. You just have to do it! Don’t worry that maybe you only journaled ONE prayer last month or last year. In my opinion, ONE PRAYER is far more honoring to God than NO PRAYERS! So, just pick up where you left off. Journal a prayer today. Journal a prayer next week, and next month and next year! 

Ask God to help you make it a priority to pray for your children… TODAY. Now that I know how to pray Scripture over my child, I have no excuse!

This is one thing I know — our kids need praying moms.