Why is it important to praise God?

That’s a reasonable question.

With so many demands on our time and so many distractions, why should we take the time to slow down and praise?

Here are my top 3 reasons:

To get our eyes off ourselves and our circumstances.  I heard once that we need to “glance” at our circumstances, and “gaze” at our God. Wouldn’t that CHANGE OUR LIVES if we actually put that into practice? When we focus all our attention on ourselves, there is little room to praise God for all the incredible blessings he bestows on us moment by moment. 

To give credit where credit is due!

God is God, and I am not — Lesson 1! God is the one keeping this crazy universe in place. And it’s incredible to think that he created me specifically to live at this time and in this place. WOW! One of the great reasons I’m here is to glorify Him and to bring others to Him. So, praising God for all His wonderful attributes is one way I can do that!

If we didn’t praise, even the stones would cry out!

In God’s Word, we are commanded to praise (Hebrews 13:15), but even if we didn’t, all of nature would cry out (Luke 19:40). So, God will be praised regardless if we do it ourselves. Even the wonders of nature scream of His glory with their magnificence. It is all a reflection of The Creator. But when we DO utter true humble words of praise, not just rote prayers, we receive a blessing in return (Matt 6:6-8)… what a beautiful promise!

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