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26 Days of Praise Devotional for Advent

26 Days of Praise for Advent

As believers, we understand that we are all called to live our lives in continual worship to God.

Even though we may not do that all of the time, we know in our minds that it is a vital part of the Christian life. But the hard part is getting that knowledge to travel from our heads and transforming it into a deep-rooted desire in our hearts that leads to a life of praise. Perhaps this journey can be spurred on by clarifying what worship really is…

Worship is much more than simply singing songs on Sunday morning; it is a continual response to who God is and what He is doing in and around us.

Often times we tend to complicate things too much. But the solution to this common struggle is fairly simple. If we recognize that we are lacking worshipful lives, and we know that worship is a response; it might be a sign that we are lacking things to respond to. Now, does this mean that God has taken a break from being the mighty King that He is? Absolutely not! But the busy pace of life makes it easy to forget. 

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” –Hebrew 13:8

The key to success in worship is reminding yourself everyday the truth of who God is and all He has done. is thrilled to offer a free daily reminder about the truth of who God is. In the “26 Days of Praise Devotional,” you will receive a short list of praise words for each letter of the alphabet, one letter each day, followed by a few powerful Scripture references. What better time than now to sign up as we begin the countdown of advent 26 days before Christmas? We encourage you to use this devotional as a jumpstart to your day so you can be reminded of some of the many the reasons you have to praise God! 

Transform your view of worship by recognizing that a life of praise to God is a life of continual response to Him and His truth.

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Written by: Hope Kiser

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